Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I'm sorry for nuthin! Politics!

Hey! from the firehouse where yes folks even though most would think heros run loose , really they just drink testosterone overload ,the new drink for firehouse freakies! When there is no place to turn, when your common sense fails you, when you are in a smoke filled room, just call 911 and we will come to save the day or if most of the day is over we will save what we can. This all of course is dependent upon wether or not we have had the afore mentioned drink because if not we may show up without our egos we might put out the fire very efficiently and in a timely manner with great courage and professionalism. Oops! slipped out into what could be world sorry about that! What I meant to ay was that we will come off the trucks with great huffings and puffings and blow the house down or put the fire out and stand around in the front yard like roosters and assess the great situation with great stirrings of opinions and pats on the backs! Your the public what more could you ask for? Well , I will tell you what we get asked for! Dear Mayor," I am distraught and near to suicide over seeing them there fur trucks a goin over to the Werl-Mart and a shoppin , I mean to not vote for youins or anyone elseins ifin I ever see this agin!" Let me fill your little redneckin self in on something( even though this actually did happen in my town I am just venting here because it is healthier) alright FIREFIGHTERS have to eat and sleep and go to the pot just like you do amazing I know! We work twenty four hours straight and sometimes way more if city hall cannot pay a good wage and people leave! When trucks leave the firehouse they are still ABLE to respond to your emergency and just so you know the truth , for you living is just not safe because ignorance is killing you, maybe you cannot even read I do not know but your existence is a plague on society!

Okay, enough of that bologna! The BUSH / KERRY race to the finish folks the reason that America suffers in various areas is not because of a leader being what he is , it is because we let the stupid , ignorant rule the world by lawsuit filing and insurance hoodoo! Money controls it all and politicians are all sold out to it! Also there are no true statesmen left just pork grinders! You change those two things and you put common sense in charge and real stuff will get done!

Monday, October 18, 2004


Hey Bloggerland! In firehouseland we love to have time off to hunt and pursue all sorts of game. Sitting around the campfire we usually take in the years events and struggles and of course we come to great conclusions about how the year could have been , in PERFECT firehouse terms. Its been a long year as many have left due to a disappearing budget and the lowest wages in our area. There is no future for these guys to look at , no training that will challenge them , no runs of any sort most of the time and well then we have cityhall giving out raises to everyone but us oh well! So when we get away we like to relax and have some enjoyment in the woods! The deer are plentiful and well it is just the best time of the year.

This is also the time of year that fires start to happen for various reasons so like I said before get those smoke and carbon monoxide detectors so you can get out fast and if your building a new home install a sprinkler system and save on insurance and fire damage. Pick up around the house and if your using a portable heater keep it at least three feet from things that can catch on fire OKAY!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Fires get put out by great firemen

Have you ever wondered when you pay taxes and you see very expensive equipment such as fire trucks sitting in a station what they cost you and what do they do? Firetrucks depending on their function cost anywhere from $180,000 to $800,000 and the cost goes up each year roughly by $12,000 to $16,000. What they do is a whole other story because of a more important thing called "PEOPLE". These trucks do not "DO ANYTHING" without people there to operate them safely and efficiently and volunteer or paid you should ask your governing body when the big money gets spent do they factor in the people end of things. Believe me when I tell you this fact, if they do not care about the people end of the deal and new stations and trucks make them happy your getting the lowball deal for your tax money! Most areas throughout this nation are suffering on the people end of things; not enough people, people are not trained well, no requirements of the people, no people in good physical condition to do the job, people are paid nothing but expected to hang the moon. A firetruck does not do anything well without the people to do it. The fire department that puts people first is the only place that will be able to give you, the taxpayer, the service you deserve.

Great firefighters are everywhere you are but their ability to do great things is being hampered by the same things that busy your life only trust me when you need these guys you want them well rested , trained , ready-to-go. The second and third jobs that paid and volunteer firemen have leaves your community really in a crisis you are unaware of because the governing bodies do not check up on the condition of their people. For example, when firemen work a hundred plus hours in a week for months because of overtime and staffing it is not safe for you as a taxpayer. In these conditions officials should be hauled into court and be publicly flogged for not properly caring for "PEOPLE". Then fires can be put out like they always have been " by great firefighters not firetrucks". I hope you realize if you do bother to read such ramblings as are laid out here that they are just a flow of thoughts from my little brain to the intersphere!

On to safety notes, folks it is fall and a great time (as if it ever is not) to shop at wal-mart for smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Get them while their hot and have that lower-than-a -dog husband or some stranger put them up so you "THE PEOPLE" will get out safe if there ever is a fire in your home. While I'm at it,do not use gasoline to start a fire in your yard it can cause a trip to the hospital for burns or worse. What happens is that even though the gasoline seems to be on the materials you are burning a far more dangerous thing called the gases or fumes are all around you waiting for you to strike a match and then ouch! So just do not do that OKAY? Here is the greatest safety tip i can give , do not PANIC when bad things happen, get full control of your facilities and do some thing about the problem!

Firefighters like everything hot!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The Firehouse

Back again for another loosely written rambling of the firefighting fury me. When I first started fighting fires and dragging the dead into body bags and pumping water out of basements and getting cats out of trees (do not let me know that you think that a cat would stay up a tree) we thought of ourselves and we were the get the job done and do not give a crap about how long it takes or why are we here kind of guys. I placed every effort into making sure whoever we were helping got taken care of like I would my own. Now ,we have mega huge, selfish, testosterone inflated crybabies that make you really wonder, would they stay with you in a bad firefight. You know only a certain kind of person can endure freezing temperatures for umptine hours and get the fire put out , not to mention clean-up hoo-ya! I'm talking firemen here! Do you hear me do not put in for the job unless you really understand that somedays it will SUCK! and you'll still love it if you are a MAN! I say no more because a very lovely lady says she is awaiting my presence Oh! Yeh!

Thursday, September 16, 2004


Folks it is a crazy world out there filled with an overload of testosterone and estrogen at every turn.....ya know! Why just the other day at work I commented on the fact that being able to trust people and delegate control , authority, projects etc. are the hallmarks of good management. The response was an underlayment of bullcrap the likes of which could stop the tides from coming in....with frosting on the top of course so that in they dream world they can think that they are in full support of your efforts. One would think that in every management book and those setting the example out there were screaming micro... micro....micro we love micro and I hate to end that with management because the words do not belong together! Lets sing another round of amazing grace quick! Micromanagement must die , you know really that is what is killing the freedom in this country to get stuff done that would really impact our society as a whole. The greatly effective people are out there but for the most part they are held up by you guessed it the great micromen of ancientosity and control freakitis.

Wow! If you are missing out on the real thing then ramble on with me because today we are going to have cheese with the whineeee.... How is it that people in power lose their minds so often? For an example I like we will use the occupation of firefighter. Sure we can list more dangerous jobs but not ones with as many dangers. The politicians fail to see, be educated on or show any interest to the fact that fireman are required to be knowledgable in many fields of work unlike other jobs requiring one type of skill, yet pay does not reflect that anywhere! The mere existence of a properly run fire service saves taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance premiums looking over a whole population and you may have never witnessed it but fires can become what is called a conflagration (big fire that can burn areas and businesses down) which with current developer influenced corruptions of code enforcement would effect economies greatly not to mention again insurance! So make a call and ask your politicians once a week what are you doing to ensure that firefighters are paid as well as the guys that come read your water meter or do police work in your town , if their honest they will say that they have not done anything about it. Make them get to work because firefighters are the guys that come help you and yours when your hurt , when there is a fire , when your detectors do not work , when the weather is so bad you cannot go out but they are out regardless and the list goes on.
Well , enough! I know we are all worked to death in America when will we learn how to take a break like the euros?

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Do it now

Here is just some basic info (fire related) that if you have never taken the time to do, you should. A basic fact about fires is that thankfully they do not happen that often and that is exactly what makes people so unprepared to deal with them. I see both the very educated and uneducated make very poor choices in regards to fire safety in their homes. Smoke detectors combined with practicing how to get out fast are the most reliable ways to survive a fire. Fires that are accidental rarely burn you before they kill you because the smoke will get to you first. When you see smoke and you do not leave the area those solid particles in the air combined with bad gases KILL YOU DEAD! Well , get some detectors read the instructions and live! If your the very educated type with the old stitched tight personality remember those who do the job everyday are there to help as professionals that do know the jobs so don't be a snob just thank us and go on!

This reminds me to nationwide on behalf of real firefighters everywhere thank all you people who do little things to help us along when you see us at a fire or wreck or whatever. I can still remember as a highlight of my career 8 years ago when a neighboor to a fire scene we were working brought us every kind of beverage she had just because she knew we had been up all night.

Friday, September 10, 2004


Has it ever been a seed of thought in your brain that life can be pretty simple unless we let events take us to dramaville? Here at the firehouse, even if that shock you like a lightning rod tone isn't going off, we like drama! So, we work hard to figure out the really hard concepts like if we did have a fire and we put all our testosterone on it would that be quicker than using foam? "FF1 says," By crackie back in 42 third platoon put fire out with the smallest hose we could pull off the truck and almost got burnt up doin it but we have more common sense than all of second platoon combined and first well they would need alot of help to even get to the fire." That firefighter is not speaking in a testosterone laden format is he? No, it's just that firemen live for their individual greatness or lack of it even within a teamwork concept and that is why the deeds get done regardless of the circumstances! Back to hard concepts, if you need supplies for cleaning etc. for your home and you end up needing more do you A. Call everyone and ask where are all the supplies gone? B. Hmmm two plus two equals uh!uh!uh! or the pretty simple C. Gee I guess I should get more supplies. Now, no two fires are alike and this 9-11 commission is getting overpaid for delivering ramblings like this blog. They really needed to get to the bottom of this event and figure out really meaningful things like who is to blame for all the people not getting rescued or why people jumped and how the heat spread through the buildings. Sure it might be nice for the academic setting but be sure that the godzillion paged report could easily have been summed up like this: It was BAD and regardless of what we all do to improve the situation it will be BAD if it happens again, WOW !I love it when I could have saved us all alot of money by putting those facts out there! Plain and Simple those are the facts, mans testosterone cannot change the results of mans evil intentions.

Have you ever seen a firefighter cry you say , yes every other week when he gets his pay!